The International Virtual Phone Number

11378-illustration-of-a-globe-with-borders-pvExpanding your business operations into foreign markets presents very difficult and often unexpected challenges. Even the most successful startups run into serious roadblocks at the internationalization of their business. Globalization has promising opportunities with untapped markets of consumers, but if not done properly it can mean the end of your business.

A physical expansion into a new territory can be an extremely straining feat for a company. Most of the time, it requires taking out a business loan and putting the company in serious debt. Many businesses take this risk and very few come out alive. Why take all that risk when there is a less expensive, more practical route?

Luckily, in today’s interconnected world economy, businesses need not make that physical move to new markets. Instead of taking that dangerous risk, businesses can make a bold presence in a new market through the use of telecommunications and online marketing. At Global Call Forwarding we are able do this, and more, through having what is called a “virtual” office.

Businesses That Use International Virtual Phone Numbers

Modern telecommunications allow any business to reach customers anywhere across the globe. Relative to a full expansion into a new market, opening a virtual office is essentially free. Furthermore, businesses can connect to employees from around the world through call forwarding. More and more often businesses use international virtual phone numbers to present a local, domestic profile in a foreign market when really they have no actual boots on the ground there. These tactics are used by companies ranging from producers & wholesalers, to service based businesses, and more.

The idea is simple, smart, and inexpensive. You will need to purchase a local or toll free phone number (starting at $7.95) in your destination country to receive calls from customers in that area. The calls are then forwarded to your business’ phone lines in your home country. Once the connection is made, your customer service, sales, technical help, etc. personnel are now doing business with people in a new market. A market that you have no tangible investment in!
Some examples of businesses that utilize this effective tactic:

  • conversify_logo_schaduw-retinaConversify, an international “virtual” company of home-based offices operates off of one main number and a number of different home phone numbers. Customers call the company’s main number and are greeted by a virtual receptionist who forwards them to the appropriate extension
  • Automattic, a company with 123 employees, has an impressive take for automattic-eb67d390
    a virtual office. The company has a headquarters, but employees are able to work from anywhere in the world (Bulgaria, Vietnam, Alabama, San Francisco, etc.) The official location is a hub for all business, but the company enjoys the geographical diversity of customers and employees worldwide. Employees and customers reach each other almost solely through telecommunications and the internet.

With a system as efficient and cost effective as global call forwarding, a business can easily take on multiple markets simultaneously without any major investments made or debts incurred.globe-563237_960_720

International Phone Numbers: Low Risk, High Reward

Operating internationally off of virtual telephone numbers gives you the virtual presence. In other words your company is doing business in a foreign country, but you have no real attachments there other than your phone number. In the event of a failed expansion in a foreign country, the business would not have to lay off any employees, there would be no real estate to sell off, there would be no worry about losing any tangible assets there. The business would simply discontinue their telephone service in that country and move onto the next venture.
WikiProject_Globalization_Logo.svgConversely, if the virtual expansion proves to be a success and the business is making a profit in the foreign country, there are a few new opportunities that are presented. At this point the business may either continue to operate solely through its current telephone system or explore further expansion methods. Once the business is established in the market, it may be fit to purchase real estate there and open a “brick-and-mortar” office. If you decide to go this route, Global Call Forwarding has even more tools and features that can further develop communications throughout your business.


Advantages of an International Virtual Phone Number with Global Call Forwarding

With Global Call Forwarding’s suite of easy to use features, customers can remotely operate their virtual office anywhere in the world. Here are a few of those features (follow each link to learn more about each feature):

With these features and plenty more, your business need not worry about communications. Global Call Forwarding’s got your back!


Getting a US Phone Number

Competition in the US economy today is stronger than ever and many markets have thick barriers to entry. These barriers make it increasingly difficult for small businesses and especially international businesses to get a foothold in a new market. Luckily, business communications does not have to be one of those barriers preventing your company from breaking into your target market.

Getting Your US Phone Number

Get a US number through Global Call Forwarding’s website and activated instantly with a free trial. Customers that already have a number are able to port their number over and use it through Global Call Forwarding’s services. Furthermore there are a number of features that come with the service including:


  1. Once you begin the process and a US phone number is either ported over or you select a new one, you will be prompted to pick a monthly plan. Select which option best suits your business’ needs and rates per month/per minute vary with each plan. A display of the different plan options is shown as an example above.gcf shopping cart
  2. The shopping cart page allows you to review your plan before you are prompted to enter your contact information and pay. The shopping cart above displays a “Power Plan” being purchased in the United States.
    gcf checkout
  3. One you reach the checkout you will input your billing information as well as method of payment. As soon as the order is confirmed you will receive an email to validate the account and activate your phone number. The display above is an example of how your checkout will look.

Once the account is finalized and number is activated customers can take advantage of their personal account manager assigned to help them with any technical needs. Global Call Forwarding also has 24/7 technical support and customer service.

Getting a US Number to Maximize Communication

As the world’s largest economy, its no surprise that the US is a target market for many businesses. Those looking to expand operations in the American market will find customer-to-business communication to be absolutely essential. Consumers in the US are very quick to make decisions and if one business is not accommodating enough, they will not hesitate to move their search to another. One way to ensure that the customer does not seek business elsewhere is by keeping an open flow of communication with them.

Fortunately, today’s innovation and development in the telecommunications industry has made this inexpensive and easy to do. Owning and operating multiple phone numbers has become common practice in today’s fast paced economy. Even a small business will find it advantageous to have a local number as well as a toll free number. The local number is important to have as it provides a reference point to customers, assuring them that they are connecting to someone around them. The toll free number is important as it can be used by customers anywhere within the US free of charge.

Global Call Forwarding’s system allows you to operate with a virtual presence around the world with local or toll free numbers. International businesses looking to expand into the US market may not be able to afford a physical office. In fact, they may not even have a need for one, but doing business in America will require the business at least get a US number. This is the point of contact US customers will use to reach the business. The phone number serves as a “virtual office” that presents a more local image to customers in the US.

For example, a company based in Europe decides it wants to expand operations into the United States. They cannot afford or do not need a physical presence in the US, but they do need a way to communicate with their customers. The company decides to get a US toll free number that customers can call free of charge. Each call will then be forwarded to an agent located back home in Europe. This process is the most direct, cost efficient method of communication between the customer and business.


Getting a Toll Free Number

Expanding your business and need a more professional, reachable, and established company profile? A toll free number is an indispensable asset that offers plenty of benefits to grow your business.

  1. Why should I get a toll free number?

    With any growing business, good communication is paramount in every aspect of success. When it comes to communicating with your customers and business partners, there is a threshold to using your local number. There is only so much traffic your local number will be able to handle before your business will need a communications overhaul. When you reach that point, a simple cost benefit analysis  will show that it makes sense to upgrade to a toll free number.

    Here’s why you should get a toll free number:

    • The most obvious benefit of having a toll free number is it provides a direct line of communication between the business and customer. The customer will be able to contact the business without worrying about being charged for the call.
    • Promotes a healthy, professional brand image. Customers associate toll free numbers with big business and credibility.
    • Toll free numbers provide a national or international presence for companies that do business long distance and across borders.
    • The number itself is portable as no single carrier owns it. Once you purchase the number it is yours to keep.
    • Using multiple toll free numbers can help you collect data and track which areas of your business are getting the most traffic. For example, using a separate number on an advertisement will allow you to observe how much exposure you are getting from that ad campaign.
    • With the affordability and efficiency of toll free numbers today, it is unsensible to not have one for your business.

    While keeping your local number is still important, a toll free number proves to be a very valuable asset to any customer-centric business. Furthermore, the number goes beyond just toll free calls into uses like logistics, data mining, customer service, presentation, and more.

  2. How to get a toll free number?

    Businesses looking into getting a toll free number should begin at a toll free service provider. Global Call Forwarding offers a variety of important features like call recording, call forwarding, rollover minutes, and plenty others.

  3. Selecting your toll free phone number

    If you do not already have a toll free number you will need to select a new phone number as well as a destination number. It is a good idea to select a number that is easy to remember. For example, including a memorable key word into the number such as 1-800-DENTIST helps instill the number into the caller’s memory. Global Call Forwarding provides the largest selection of both toll free and local numbers worldwide. It is as easy as selecting your location, getting your new number, and typing in your desired destination number.

  4. What are the costs for a toll free number?

    Once you own your own toll free number all you need to do is activate it with Global Call Forwarding. The cost of the service varies from region to region and is a combination of the plan you choose as well as the amount of minutes you use per month.

  5. How do toll free numbers work internationally?

    When called from the country that your toll free number is located in, it will not cost anything for the caller. Your toll free number can be called from anywhere in the world, but if called abroad, the caller will incur the fees as if it is a normal local number. To deal with international calls, many businesses purchase toll free numbers in countries that many of their customers are calling from. For example, if a company in the US does a decent amount of business through the UK, it would make sense for the company to purchase a purchase a UK toll free number.

  6. What toll free number features does Global Call Forwarding offer?

    When you choose to make the upgrade to a toll free number you’ll be able to enjoy a number of useful benefits. Some of the advanced features:

    • Call recording gives you the ability to save conversations with customers and listen to them anytime.
    • Use advanced call forwarding to direct incoming calls to different phone numbers during different time slots on any selected day. Users can enjoy enhanced flexibility as the advanced call forwarding feature allows incoming calls to be forwarded to different phone numbers during different times of the day. This feature can be customized according to the needs of the organization, based on available office hours, set training, vacation times and more.
    • Simultaneous ringing from two or more phone numbers connects the call to the first number that takes the call. Simultaneous ringing ensures a call will ring on more than one phone, connecting it automatically to the one that answers the call first.
    • Rollover minutes let you carry over unused minutes one month to the next.
    • Forward-fax will receive and forward faxes directly to the user’s e-mail as an image file. Users can also program voicemail to answer the call if an existing phone is busy or doesn’t answer. If desired, the user can have voicemail messages sent directly to e-mail for access through a smartphone or computer.
    • Advanced IVR/PBX allows users to set up a customized greeting to manage incoming calls. If a number is busy when a call comes in, sequential forwarding will transfer that call to one of four back-up phone numbers. Further, the black and white capability allows for the creation of lists for phone numbers that will receive an automatic rejection or transfer, based on the appropriate list. Select country forwarding ensures calls from a particular country are sent only to a specific number. Customize your greeting to let your callers know they are still on the line and that they will soon be connected with your phone number.

    Many small businesses and individuals today are choosing to communicate through the use of toll free numbers. They are more affordable today than ever and their many uses in and out of the office are unparalleled by local business numbers. Invest in your business today with a free trial at

global-skyOperate Globally? You need a toll free number.

The concept that the world is getting smaller is never more evident than in the corporate environment. Companies have access to the technologies today that allow them to operate on a global scale, without significant investments. This includes the availability of a toll free number that allows current and potential customers to connect regardless of their location.

For years, companies in the United States have used a toll free number to allow a customer in Kentucky to contact a company in California, for instance, without incurring additional calling charges. With the obstacle of the toll call removed, customers enjoyed easy access when interacting with a company regardless of their location.

The international interaction was a different challenge, however. While companies may have customers in multiple locations throughout the world, making a direct connection is more difficult. With Global Call Forwarding, local or toll free phone numbers are provided to ensure a local point of contact for corporate patrons around the world.

The U.S. based office doing business in Great Britain can establish a local point of contact by owning a local phone number in the cities in which they do business. The ring tone is then configured as the local ring tone to the caller. When the call is placed in Great Britain, it is then forwarded to the U.S. based office in seconds.

All of this is possible using Global Call Forwarding’s solution for smart business. A full suite of advanced features allow companies to customize the local and toll forwarding number service to meet their needs. With a simple upgrade to an advanced plan membership, any unused minutes from one month will carry over to the next month.

All of these features are managed through a customer control Panel where the user can easily make the necessary changes to meet their communication needs for the day, week, month or ongoing. As a result of Global Call Forwarding’s toll free number solution, the small business operating on a global scale can enjoy streamlined communications at a cost-effective price.


India 1800 toll free numbers are now available for immediate purchase


A limited quantity of India 1800 toll free numbers are now available for immediate purchase.

These new India Phone numbers are accessible across all landline and mobile networks in India without the need of international accessibility from the callers phones.

You may view pricing and select your number directly from our order menu by going to Additional Services option from this control panel (on the right lower side of the page) and selecting Call Forwarding.

When you select India from the drop down menu, you will see two different toll free options (0008 and 1800). 1800 toll free option lists the new type of India toll free numbers with less restrictions and lower overall pricing.

Please contact our customer support or sales with any questions you may have.


Toll Free Phone Numbers: The Answer To Your Business Prayers?

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASmall business owners benefit from vanity phone numbers, Business toll free options and better customer service

Have you ever stayed up late at night, surfing the channels on your television, and become engrossed in a home shopping show? Or is it just me? I was up late last night, not being able to relax enough to catch some sleep, and I became obsessed with home shopping.

It was an amazing experience. I have relatives who have masterfully conquered the art of T.V. shopping, but I have never had the interest or desire. So I found myself switching back and forth from a deluxe comforter set (complete with European-style shams) and a sweater set in the perfect shade of fuchsia.

And then there it was … the toll-free number, screaming at me to act. “Call and buy me,” the phone number told me. “You need this comforter, and the sweater set. Why not go crazy and get the shoes to match?” It was like a hypnotic state at midnight, and I practically had to duck tape my body to the recliner just so I wouldn’t max out my credit card.

Business Toll Free Numbers Provide Easy Ways to Get New Products

The point of this story is to emphasize what buyers will do, given the right product and an easy way to get it. Had I not been tuned in to my monthly retail budget, I could have easily dropped hundreds of dollars, all with the tip of my finger on the phone pad.

This is why business owners need an easy way for their customers to purchase products or services. This is why business toll free phone numbers, as well as vanity numbers, are so crucial to your marketing efforts.

Think about it: if you see something you like, say on a website or in an advertisement, the first thing you want to do is find out more about it. How much does it cost? Can I get one now? If a customer looks down and sees a long-distance phone number, and they can’t easily get in touch with you, well forget about it.

If you’re spending thousands of dollars on brochures, marketing pieces and business cards, don’t you want your customers to be able to receive that information and call you right away? If you have a toll-free phone number, that can happen.

So my advice is to take a hint from the home shopping channels. Entice your customers and give them an easy way to close a deal! It works … my new sweater set proves it.